Why Club KO

Club KO came to existence a day after realizing that our community needed a change. A positive change geared toward sports, fitness, health and personal well-being. In making these changes, we offer many different programs which are for people of all ages. Today, one way or another, we have been affected by the economy. Loss of employment, decrease in wages, home foreclosures, businesses closing down and most of all, the lost of hope. Here at our facility we gear you up in getting your body, mind and soul back into positive mode. We build your confidence up so you can go back out there and confront the everyday challenges that life brings. By participating in aerobic exercises, boxing classes, mixed martial arts and self defense classes, not only do you maintain a healthy body, but you also learn how to defend yourself. The economy downfall has also caused an increase in muggings, killings and theft. Club KO also came into existence for this reason. So, if you are feeling fed up and unmotivated with everyday life’s situations, I encourage you to take that positive step towards making a positive change. Come visit us, we will change the way you live. Dare to be the best!

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