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Club KO Pole Fitness“Pole Fitness” is now part of the fitness industry, providing a great complement or alternative to regular classes.  A pole fitness session burns more calories than a good session at the gym.  As well as a great aerobic workout, other fitness benefits include increased upper body strength, muscle tone and definition, increased core stability, better posture, and it improves coordination and flexibility.  It will also develop endurance, strength, power, stamina, mobility, confidence, self esteem, inner beauty and sensuality. We offer pole fitness classes which  will allow you to have fun while you get stronger dancing and moving with a pole. Pole dancing is the most fun you can have while building your confidence, strength, flexibility and self-esteem. Our classes are a blend of creative movement, strength-training, and FUN!  NO experience is necessary, and most of my students have never touched a pole before. So don’t feel intimidated–anyone can do this no matter what your fitness level, dance ability, or confidence level.


  • The anaerobic fitness benefits that are gained from pole dancing include:
  • The building up of core stability which will help you with toning your abs
  • The increase in upper body strength which is constantly being used to hold your bodyweight off of the ground.
  • It tones your shoulders, arms, legs (calves and thighs) and helps with the removal of fat from around the buttox.
  • Helps to improve the overall coordination and flexibility.


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