Mixed Martial Arts at Club KO Pembroke Pines

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Mixed Martial Arts in Pembroke Pines

Club KO Training Center located in Pembroke Pines Fl. offers Mixed Martial Arts for all ages. We train in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu, Mixed Martial Arts and Much More Call Now to Try out our classes. We cater to Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Hollywood, Davie, North Miami, and all of Broward.  At Club KO Training Center, our Mixed Martial Arts program focuses on technique and on fitness.


Mixed Martial Arts Classes for Adults  at Club KO Training Center

Teens/adults Program

From learners with no earlier encounters to progressed level Martial Artists, our expert staff of Nationally Certified Black Belt teachers will manage you to your individual best.

We plan to give our teenagers and mature people with a continuous, constructive, and swaying environment to enhance their mental, physical and zealous molding.

Men and ladies of all foundations, a really long time and organizes in life are delighting in the numerous profits of Martial Arts preparing. We treat all our people with deference and will carry out the constructive characteristics of every single person. Hand to hand fighting preparing lessens stress and permits individuals to set reasonable and testing objectives. One stage by-step approach to studying permits people to like consistent advancement, development and change. Experience expanded adaptability from head to toe; enhanced quality and muscle tone and revel in lessened muscle to fat quotients and more elevated amounts of vigor and persistence.

Numerous understudies end up additional loose and calmer in managing some of life’s tests. Numerous mature people have considered Martial Arts preparing is an extraordinary path to get in the best physical state of their lives.

Our project can add another electrifying measurement to individuals’ lives. It’s useful for the brain, form and spirit to study new aptitudes, and its an extremely solid lifestyle. It’s testing, its remunerating and its bunches of fun!


Kids and Junior Martial Arts Classes at Club KO Training Center

Our special youngsters’ system is intended to instruct people significantly more than how to kick and punch. We are extremely concerned with the wellbeing, health and training of our youngsters. For a considerable length of time, our sound routines for educating have impacted many children to come to be achievers in life, and additionally in the dojo.

* We push non-vicious resolutions to clash. Yet, we determinedly accept a kid must improve the abilities and capability to shield themselves and grasp right from not right.

* Students will advance more amazing trust and self-train as they study how to act and respond to the planet around them.

* Our young learners are treated with deference and are taught to give back where its due appreciation towards others.

* We have faith in applause, consolation and encouraging feedback. Folks that work with us as a crew will revel in seeing their youngster strive for perfection, at school, at home and at the dojo.


There are many benefits to our program.

It builds self-confidence, character and courage. As with other skills, learning a martial art discipline gives your confidence a boost and makes you feel open to more possibilities, especially the promise of building a newer and better you. Knowing that you can defend yourself ably also gives you a reason to fear less and keep yourself safe. These newfound strengths can spill over in your workplace, too. It can make you a better leader or be more confident in making presentations, to cite a few examples.


  • It teaches how to control anger and helps reduce temper. To wield power successfully, you need to know how to control it. This basic premise applies in learning MMA as well. The by-product of this education is the ability to control temper better and, thus, put a handle on anger, especially for the hot-heads.


  • It creates a sense of responsibility in a person. This sport has a set of rules that trainees need to follow, and among these is being responsible for your own actions. Disciples are also taught not to use what they have learned thoughtlessly. This kind of mindfulness over the cause and effect of one’s action helps you to become more responsible in other areas in your life as well.


  • It develops one’s perseverance. Students are forewarned that they will fail many times before becoming competent. And they are encouraged to keep on trying and never give up. This also encourages a spirit of perseverance, which is the key to winning any endeavour. Continued training will program the student’s core attitudes and allow him or her to carry these over in his or her day-to-day living.


  • It cultivates discipline that also covers other areas of one’s life. The principles that an aspiring MMA practitioner needs to pay heed to in order to improve can promote discipline, which is a welcome quality in any person and which can be applied in all areas of one’s life.


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