Jennifer Traut

Jennifer Traut

lost weight at club koAt Club KO (lost 12 centimeters from my belly and 3,5 kilograms in a month). I started Insanity since early February. Clean eating and workout everyday. And I gotta tell you, clean eating is really important. I don’t count calories, it’s too burdensome for me. The important thing is that you need to be conscious of whatever you’re eating. I took photos of every meals I had and keep them in my phone, it helps me to decide my next meals by looking at the food I’ve been eating.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can also use #Eatery app. An old app, but it works for me.

Oh, and water is a must.

Club KO is a really tough workout program for me, I guess it mainly because I haven’t been doing a real workout for about 3-4 years. During the classes, I was tired as hell and slacking a lot. But I just didn’t stop. So yeah, you can see that eventho I was slacking quite a lot during the workout, the result will always there because I don’t give up and keep on going. Always think of the result and pushing your mind into it, you can.

I used to be depressed. I used to hate the world and I really hated my self. I used to be awake the whole night, and refused to come out from my room during the day. But those days are gone, now. I decided to recover, I committed to live the healthy life I’m supposed to do, and I committed to be a better me, not bitter anymore. I keep on going, and I feel much more happier.

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