Claire Arias

Claire Arias

tumblr_mlhqwkmbuZ1ross1yo1_500I went to Club KO and spoke to one of the kindest men I have ever met. He seemed to really care, he signed me up for a cardio class which was the best decision of my life. I now weight less than 210 lbs with the extraordinary help of my trainer. They help me with my diet and exercise and he also cares. I am at the gym five days a week. Best of all I found new supportive friends, IT is my second home. Also, the other trainers have been incredibly supportive. They ask me how I am and how are my workouts.

I was over 210 pounds at the time that I joined the gym in August of 2011. I started with cardio work outs and went to Cardio Kickboxing classes at least 3 times a week. I lost about 40 pounds with this routine. At that time, I started going to the Boot Camp. I also saw my weight loss slow down – and I signed up to work out with a personal trainer. Through my “support group” of the other class participants – especially the cycle class, and my AMAZING personal trainer – I lost 70 more pounds! I lost this weight over a year ago, and have been able to keep it off. My trainer helped me get ready for my biggest accomplishment to date. I went from being 211 pounds in August 2011, to finishing the Florida Marathon in 2012! I can’t even describe the amazing sense of pride and personal achievement I have. I could not have done it without the class instructors, the friends I met at the gym, and my trainer. I know that I will keep the weight off, and keep going to the gym!

I’ve been working out at Club KO for around 2 years now and I love it. There is a huge variety of equipment and it is always in good condition. I had my first baby last year. Throughout my pregnancy I continued to workout at Club KO. I used the cardio machines. Once my daughter was born, I got back into lifting heavier weights. It felt great! And, I was back in shape in no time.

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