Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Lose weight, build strength, increase flexibility, train for competition whatever your goals you can achieve it through jiu-jitsu training. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a rare mix of both aerobic and anaerobic activity. You will seeyour body change. Muscle will develop and you will become leaner as you progress and train. Additionally you will see increases in: flexibility, balance, body awareness, cardiovascular endurance, muscle control, hand-eye coordination, functional strength, situational awareness, strategic thinking and many more.

Along with the physical changes you will experience there are many other significant benefits that transcend the simple application of learned techniques. These benefits carry over into all aspects of your life.

As you progress through your training and your technical understanding grows so will your confidence. The increase in your confidence level is not only in the sense that you will be prepared to defend yourself in any self-defense situation, but there is an empowerment in the knowing that you have been able to learn and apply something special. You have accomplished something exceptional. This newfound confidence then carries over into other aspects of your life (work, home, school, relationships, etc).

The physical benefits students see from the class often jumpstarts them down the path to lead healthier overall lifestyles. You will see yourself gain strength, flexibility and endurance. You will see an increase in energy and a decrease in stress. You will start to see what your body really can do and you will love it!

Through the class environment, you will also interact with people from many different walks of life. A rare camaraderie is shared amongst students, forging friendships that can last lifetimes.


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